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I was born in Irvine, Scotland on June 4th 1982 to an Andalucian Mother and Scottish Father.  However, my Scottish accent was robbed of me when my family uprooted to Maidstone in England when I was just 3 years old.

My sister and brother are both English having been born in Preston and the family dog was a cocker spaniel from Wales.  I have family in both Spain and Mexico.  The luck of having such an eccentric fiery blood mix and two mother tongues has meant that I have always been interested in cultures and society.  It was engrained in me as a child and I’ve always been interested in finding out what’s out there.

As a kid, I spent most of my time exploring nearby parks and neighbourhoods, kicking a ball about, rolling around in mud, climbing trees and just being a typical boy discovering what’s out there with his mates.  My father had a Pentax SLR which I have fond memories of playing around with when I was younger and a big VHS collection of random, experimental cinema.  This was the basis of me taking real interest in visual arts, but as a kid, I hadn’t tied my exploration and visual stimuli together.

A short-time after I graduated from university with a BA (Hons) degree in Business and Spanish, I did what lots of intrepidly-minded 20-somethings do and thought about planning a world trip.

Although I had visited many countries previously, in 2010, I finally packed my bags proper and left the UK for 10 months to trek around India and South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. The Americas in particular have always been a fascination to me, probably owing to the wonderful children’s series, “The Mysterious Cities of Gold”, but also from the attraction of its culture and society and its complex and enigmatic history stretching back to the Incan Empire and far beyond. It would also have been folly not to take advantage of having Spanish as my second language and putting it to full use to experience areas many others may not be able to access.

The time away really helped catapult me into photography and gave me invaluable time to concentrate on further developing my skills.

My work tries to encompass all elements of life – from the pure innocent beauty of human nature to its raw unforgiving face, from mysteriously beautiful landscapes to dangerously rugged and scarred terrains, and from the most open and densely populated cultures and communities to the most remote and isolated ones.

Finally, I wanted to just capture the most simple of human experiences that I may share with others. For what is life if we cannot enjoy its riches with fellow humans?

I currently live in London as a photographer with my Canon EOS7D Mark II kit and take it wherever I go in the hope of capturing the next intriguing descry…

Anthony Jeffrey